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  • #1

    does anyone here sing? while playing chess? in the shower? (without scaring the shampoo)

  • #2

    har har

  • #3

    you havent been on since october!

  • #4

    do you really think somene will or would say, "yes Hannah, i do sing in the shower!!!!"

    haha, a no. because i know i wouldn't say that if i EVER did. I=

    (f.y.i, i don't sing in the shower.)

  • #5

    yes, eustace, i do ssing in the shower!

  • #6

    I sing in the shower. I sing all the time.

  • #7

    har har har.

  • #8

    oooooOOOOOoooooooooollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • #9


    if you dont sing, then you're a platypus

  • #10

    Here's a platypus singing...

  • #11

    i cant see it

  • #12

    Neither can I, and I'm not going to open my eyes to make sure.

  • #13

    platypus opera sounds like they have constipation

  • #14

    Great acoustics in the toilet.

  • #15

    they sound like my friend joshua kim

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  • #17

    Please, in the name of platypuses, don't comment winerkleiner!Laughing

  • #18

    who's that?

  • #19

    Winerkleiner is at the stage in developement where fart jokes are funny.

  • #20

    eh eh eh eh eh!

    change the subject!

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