Just thought i'd say that that i'm remembering all those people who died in the New York terrorist attack ten years ago.Ok thanks.ruboutman.11/9/12.I will be remembering again today,everyone who died and who were affected by this terrible event.


I find myself wishing that ours could be a world where we could say nothing like this would ever happen again, but twisted minds with blood lust and an idiotic agenda preclude such peace of mind. Rather, we must live in a world where we simply dread the next such criminal act. The potential for mass slaughter of innocents has become the reality of our time. These villains strive every day to obtain a nuclear device. Remember and honor the victims and heroes of 9/11, but never cease vigilance, because the threat remains. On this day of rememberance and mourning, save a prayer for the military, counter-terrorists and the peace-makers.