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Which Keyboard are you using and why?

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    So, which keyboard are you using and why did you choose that particular one?




  • #2

    I'm still using the same cheap wireless keyboard that came with my HP Pavilion d4100e several yrs ago. I guess it at least has longevity going for it, the crappy wireless mouse HP provided had to be replaced yrs ago after it began insisting on new batteries every day of the wk - literally. 

    If you're interested in more qualified opinions (from the editors more so than shmos like me, the users) these 2 sites are very good for ratings/reviews of electronics, PCs, PC peripherals etc.

    www.cnet.com             http://www.pcworld.com/

  • #3

    :) yeah im never really  a fan of stock peripherals, iv always been a fan of Microsoft, logitech, cyborg and razer:)

  • #4

    I use a keyboard on the laptop.

  • #5

    I suppose since I know how to type my  next keyboard should be one of the strange-looking ergonomic keyboards, although I've never gotten writers cramp using the old-fashioned kind.

  • #6

    me 2 :p

  • #7

    Filco mechanical, tenkeyless. Very nice.

  • #8

    I just ordered Logitech keyboard/mouse combo MK520 for my new PC

  • #9

    I use the keyboard on my laptop because I'm lazy. To get another one.


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