Why I Luv the DH in Baseball !

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    for now. the process has been changed. winning a single wild card game means nothing. i know you know it. 

    it's quite different from when the winner of the pennant was the team that had the best record. 

    i can't get into the "wild card" games. those teams didn't win enough and they don't deserve to be in the postseason.

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    AlCzervik: And the Jays have won the 2cnd Game as well. Yes I see what you mean but all of the major sports seem make changes from time to time. Btw the NHL is putting a team into Las Vegas ( the Nevada Gamblers perhaps ?   lol ).

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    Just saw the news that the Jays have also won the 3rd game and thus win the short series, not bad.

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    Good News for all of the Cub fans ! The short series went to the Cubs 3 games to 1 and they move on to play in the next round.

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    The Fix is in !!! ( The games are Rigged !!! ). Oops, Sorry, wrong thread   lol. The Blue Jays have lost the first 2 games to Cleveland, not the start to the AL championship that we had planned.  

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    A sad sad time up here as the Blue Jays only won 1 game in the AL Championship series and are now out ( and so Cleveland moves on   Boo Boo Hiss !!! ). The Cubs won their game with LA today so that ties up the NL series at 2 games for each team ( Go Cubs Go !!! ).

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    So ask yourself what is one thing that has not happened since 1945 ? If you guessed that the Cubs have not been in the World Series in 71 years then you are correct. The Cubs will now play against Cleveland for the Big Prize ( Go Cubs Go   ---   Go Cubs Go ). 

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    Well the 1st game of the World Series Was quite scary as Cleveland won that one but the Cubs came thru today and won the 2cnd game ( Go Cubs Go ! ).   

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