Why I Luv the DH in Baseball !

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    for now. the process has been changed. winning a single wild card game means nothing. i know you know it. 

    it's quite different from when the winner of the pennant was the team that had the best record. 

    i can't get into the "wild card" games. those teams didn't win enough and they don't deserve to be in the postseason.

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    AlCzervik: And the Jays have won the 2cnd Game as well. Yes I see what you mean but all of the major sports seem make changes from time to time. Btw the NHL is putting a team into Las Vegas ( the Nevada Gamblers perhaps ?   lol ).

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    Just saw the news that the Jays have also won the 3rd game and thus win the short series, not bad.

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    Good News for all of the Cub fans ! The short series went to the Cubs 3 games to 1 and they move on to play in the next round.

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    The Fix is in !!! ( The games are Rigged !!! ). Oops, Sorry, wrong thread   lol. The Blue Jays have lost the first 2 games to Cleveland, not the start to the AL championship that we had planned.  

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    A sad sad time up here as the Blue Jays only won 1 game in the AL Championship series and are now out ( and so Cleveland moves on   Boo Boo Hiss !!! ). The Cubs won their game with LA today so that ties up the NL series at 2 games for each team ( Go Cubs Go !!! ).

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    So ask yourself what is one thing that has not happened since 1945 ? If you guessed that the Cubs have not been in the World Series in 71 years then you are correct. The Cubs will now play against Cleveland for the Big Prize ( Go Cubs Go   ---   Go Cubs Go ). 

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    Well the 1st game of the World Series Was quite scary as Cleveland won that one but the Cubs came thru today and won the 2cnd game ( Go Cubs Go ! ).   

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    And so now we come down to Game 7, the one that will determine who gets the World Series rings ( and the Cub fans are waiting and are quite nervous as well ).  

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    Well you know I still Do Not believe it !!! Yes it took 10 innings in Game 7 but the Cubs win with a score of 8 to 7. Yes the Cubs won 3 games in a row and have just won the World Series ! Let me repeat that: after more than 100 years have passed the Cubs have at last won the World Series again ! ( Unbelievable !!! ). 

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    Well I see where Bud Selig is going into the Hall Of Fame. This is the same guy who was stupid enough to destroy the 1994 World Series !!! Sometimes you wonder what people are thinking   lol. 

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    ...there is no "lol". bud has...

    done nothing good for the game, which was his job...

    allowing bud in the hof would mean all the steroid jerks would also be allowed, since he presided over the game when it happened. 

    sosa. no

    clemens, no

    bonds. no, and i don't give a rat's ass that he own's records. he did it on juice, and bud allowed it. 

    i'm not going to write a page of why bud sucks, but, i could, easily. 



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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Yes I mean he was an team-owner to start with and a used car dealer as well, what a disaster   lol. 

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    the all star game result determining homefield advantage in the world series will be on the table this winter.

    i'm sure it will be scrapped, and, just one of many reasons why bud shouldn't be in the hof.


    i still can't believe bud will be in. the only thing bud did for the game was turn a blind eye to the steroid users, and revel with other owners as home run totals increased along with revenues. he was a tool for the owners.

    he will not be received well by the other living hof'ers who consider steroids and users not worthy. 

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    as some know, i have been a lifelong cubbie fan. since our epic win, i've been asked if this is the start of a dynasty. i remind them of the braves of the '90's. i thought they were the best team almost every year.

    they won one world series. baseball is like that. it's a long season. every year.

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik. Yes it was very lucky for the Blue Jays to win the 92 and 93 World Series back to back. However I'm getting older each year and I'm wondering when Toronto will win Number 3   lol.

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