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    I have noticed that the number of members in my group(s) (Team Russia, Slavic Pride) dropped significantly. In Team Russia it was 538 (just yesterday) and now it is 514! I guess the same is in other groups.

    Is this a new site feature that, for example, only active members count? If it is - for what period of time must a member be active (daily online) to be counted as a group member?

    Thank you!

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    yes - we fixed the counts to be actual members

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    erik wrote:

    yes - we fixed the counts to be actual members

    So are inactive members automatically deleted? How long do you have to be inactive?

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    Still something is wrong with statistics. The number of players on My Home page and the number of players on a group page does not coincide:



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    All three (groups main page, your homepage group, and group itself) are all showing 514 now


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