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Chess for Beginners (0-1400) rated players, Some useful yet deadly tricks to score Fast

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    Well, I am Ashvin and I have made few videos specially for chess beginners to register quick wins in the opening. If you wish, you can use the same against your opponent.

    1. Secret chess trick for Black to win in just 7 moves, its not legals mate. It is something else. https://youtu.be/yp4zRXZcykM

    2. Great chess tricks which can assure win against Sicilian Najdorf https://youtu.be/DdRcgvOjUqE

    3. Destroying Beginners 4 move tricks and set counter trick to score full point https://youtu.be/nm0hUJYg2x0

    4. Bishop sacrifice on f7 is quite common in the Opening stage. I have discussed the same here so that you can plan to launch that decisive sacrifice https://youtu.be/2Vdj8F-ZfYg

    5. Are you aware about Greco setup this is deadly setup to launch killing attack against castled King https://youtu.be/gPkHcgB6X_4

    and there are many more on my channel if you wish to look at www.youtube.com/c/ashvinchauhan

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    Why do those links look like YouTube.com but actually are YouTu.be? Is that a baiting scam to hacker site?

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    Those are the short links YouTube creates when you use their "share" function. No scam.
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    Yes search on YouTube.com and you get a lot of answers
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    I just watched the Greco attack video without sound, pun intended. 

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    I've not watched your traps because youtube is giving me too many ads : (

    Could you put the mainline of these traps into annotated PGNs and upload here?



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