Chess Work Stations for Kids


I am a chess coach at Imagine school in Tallahassee, and last year I started implementing chess stations. The idea is I would have 13 chess stations set up around the classroom and at each station, there would be a different activity. The children would have 10 minutes at each station and then rotate. I would have two or three chess book stations with suggested reading noted on the covers, volunteers to play the students at 3 stations, chess on my computer, a chess video at another station, chess worksheets, a chess piece drawing station, and a station or two devoted to other strategy games (checkers, pin solitaire, mastermind, etc.). The kids seemed to really enjoy transitioning to new stations and they were REALLY excited when I got our principal to challenge them at one of the stations!


Great Idea!


That is an excellent idea! I teach chess in a number of public and private schools and, from experience, I know that kids like to have a constantly changing and challenging intellectual landscape. Your idea of using stations makes perfect sense.