Bots on mobile app


Hi everyone,

I tried to play against the bots on the app, but it looks that their ratings are totally inconsistent with their actual real level. 

I'm rated 1400 FIDE and around 1500 on I first tried to play Jimmy (700) and he totally mastered me. However he is described as an adaptive bot which adapts it's level to yours. So I tried to play Aron (700, and non adaptive) and he also totally mastered me. So I finally tried to play against Martin (250) who beat me two times in a row. 

I admit that I was playing without any reflection but the behavior of Martin is really not the one of a 250 elo, corresponding to a player who might not even know how to move the knight. Here is a screenshot our second game's report. See he made absolutely no blunder, only 1 mistake and few inaccuracies.Game Report

However the bots look perfectly fine on the website. I played all three bots and beat them easily. Does anybody have the same problem? Is there a way to fix it myself or is it a problem that comes from the app?
Thank you for your answers.


no they are the same, its probably play level


the bots on the app are broken since the last update. The browser bots are fine but on app I've managed to estimate there rating all at about 2000 or above. Nisha for example plays a faultless game at the moment, you cannot win without being a genius. On browser she is easy picking.


I thought it was just me. I know I stink but Martin was destroying me this morning lol.


Completely broken for me too, it's not just the "human" bots, the engine is like it too. I just got outplayed by level 1 (250) which had an accuracy of 93.8%. Awful bug that should be prioritized by Devs. This will put off new players to chess who think that this might actually be the skill level of low ratings.




I was just about to post this lol

These are the analyses of my games against the bots named Juan (400) and Filip (i think also 400 rated). Both from mobile app and the PC website version...

So first PC

Juan - 21 and 6 % accuracy. gg Juan

Now the mobile version - the revenge of Juan


I didnt give up though...


And the same story for Filip rated 400

They are still beatable, but obviously broken. You don't expect a 400 bot that you trash easily on the website to own you in a mobile app, so it comes as a surprise...


Millica bot jus posted 96%+ in the last 4 games I played against her.


I have the same problem, all the bots are masters


Same here (android). The 250 elo bot plays with 90%+ accuracy all the time and almost never blunders. When I last played them maybe half a year ago I remember they gave away pieces like they have an endless supply.


I am having the same problem... I'm a beginner and thought I was getting worse not better.


can't agree more, a few weeks ago I was easily beating 1200 bots, but now I'm losing against 250 rated bots? so frustrating. thought I had just gone backwards lol


Thank goodness for this thread. For the last few days I've been relentlessly trying to beat Emir as I normally would only to be thrashed every time. Was ready to give up after Martin then humiliated me. 


Ok, I'm glad other people are seeing this too. Those beginner bots are absolutely crushing me.


I noticed this same problem today when playing on my tablet (android). At my present level I am normally playing balanced matches against bots of 1400/1500 rating. Now I played four or five games on a row against Maria (1200), whom I have normally won without a lot of trouble, and the bot beat me every time with amazingly swift moves -- some games felt like previous games against bots of 2000 or master level. Then I switched to the website version on computer and it was back to normal and the bot was making similar mistakes as previously. So, the system is having some problems at the moment, hopefully they are noticed and solved.


Bless this thread. And good for us for noticing that these bots are playing near perfect! That must mean something, right? We should get a ranking boost for this...


I am so happy to have found this. Since Christmas I've been steadily making my way through the bots and I'm half way through the intermediate ones now.

I decided a few days ago to replay a game against Martin (250) and I haven't been able to beat him once. 

I really didn't want to be a sore loser and blame it on a bug and was nearly throwing my phone at the wall, but these bots were making flawless counters and missed absolutely nothing I tried against them. 

After playing some online matches and winning,  regaining some confidence that I hadn't completely wasted the last 4 months of my time, I looked on here. 



Seems im not going crazy losing to a 250 bot


Fixed on version v4.2.7-googleplay-210478