Support for Millenium Exclusive and King Performance via ChessLink


It would be great to see support for the Millenium Exclusive and Millenium King Performance electronic chess computers via the ChessLink device.  If was willing to develop a protocol that would allow it to communicate via the ChessLink, all of the Millenium-series boards could be used to play games online.

Here's a link to the ChessLink device:

*** Note: I am not paid for or sponsored by Millenium, I just love their product and really, really want to play games with it using (my favorite chess site)!  ***


I don't understand the appeal of a board like this.


Some players enjoy OTB play more than on-screen play, and this type of board provides that capability. It also allows users to see the moves via the LEDs vice requiring a system that announces moves, or requires you to look at a screen (defeating the purpose of an encapsulated chess computer in online play).


I like the DGT solution:

Next step is the support of the DGT 3000 chess-clock and everbody will be happy. :-)


It is still in progress, unfortunately.  Besides, to play the DGT solution, you have to have a computer screen (right now).  The best you'll get is it announcing moves.  However, the DGT solution is pretty expensive - you'll need their board, their clock, and probably speakers.  With the Millenium board, you can do it for a little more than half the cost of the DGT board alone.  And you don't need the screen or speakers.


Another vote for connection to the Millenium boards via ChessLink.


Millennium Chess please arrange a connection to


One more vote for allowing support for Millenium Exclusive!


Please make arrangements for the Millennium Chess exclusive to connect to


me 2


certainly would bring me here to play a lot more if there was connectivity to the Millenium chess computers



I vote YES





What is it? It just looks like a black modem box.


It connects a real chess board to the internet, or in this case


8bells wrote:

It connects a real chess board to the internet, or in this case



It's a third middle device between a USB board and the computer?


This is a great idea. I support/vote for this 100%


how many votes do you need?