custom pieces

I was just wondering if there are any plans of a way to make custom pieces for Although the avaliable pieces are cool I always find something slightly wrong with them like being a bit to small, or the wrong colour, or one piece in the set being worse. I don't know how this would be implemented or if it would even work but just putting it out as a suggestion I think would be useful.

Mabey even instead of fully custom pieces just more options like size settings more colours ect.


I don't think they'll make it super customizable, and if they do, it'll almost certainly be a premium-only feature. I recommend that you look at all the different piece sets and decide which is best.

If they added that level of customization, that would be awesome.


Ya it would be really cool to be able to upload your own piece designs but even being able to pick between different sizes and colours would be really useful and I think it would be a really good edition