Aborting too many live games - a stupid implement

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    Whilst I do understand the reason chess.com does this, the fact that I'm being threatened if I abort too many live chess games does not do justice to the reason. Chess.com has the power to warn me, "your account may be restricted if you continue to abort games" after aborting ~5 in a row. The reason:

    I look at my opponents notes before a live chess game. This is to see what kind of sportsman he is. Usually, around 75% of people in my rating range (1400-1600), have people on their notes saying "disconnects when losing" or various other quotes chess.com will send out willy-nilly to the opponent of someone who has just abandoned the board. One special quote is: "xxxxx may have violated our Fair Play policy - it has been noted and they may have their account restricted."


    Here's my most recent example, and the exact events which preceded me writing this.


    I log into live chess. I find an opponent for my 3|0 game. I check his notes briefly before we play - takes about 5 seconds at most. I see this:

    Now, I'm happy if a player abandons 1 or 2 live chess game - maybe he lost internet or maybe the computer ran out of charge? That's okay. But when someone has so many notes on their wall saying "disconnects when he loses", why do I want to play him?
    I don't. So I abort.
    Then comes the message, "you're aborting too many lives game, please stop". No, I won't stop! I don't want to play unsportsmanly people who enjoy leaving an opponent sat at a board for three minutes plus.
    So, anyway, after I checked his notes, and aborting the game. I clicked "new challenge" and my account was threatened if I aborting the game. Okay, fine, I'll play. It can't be that bad, right?
    Here's what happened:
    If this insn't fixed soon, you're losing my membership chess.com, and I pay enough for it.
    Rant over!
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    The policy is stupid and wrong-headed but they will never change it.  I do commend your effort with the good reasoning, well written post and multiple images though.

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    Having people abort is a pain; enough said.

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    Yes but so is sitting there being disconnected on for more than 2 minutes sometimes...

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    Being aborted on *for no reason* is a pain. Although occassionally understandable, maybe they started two games at once, or maybe they simply got called by someone just as the game loaded? Both valid reasons.

    But these are not aborts that are as meaningless as chess.com's messages to disconnectors. There are valid reasons for the abortions - namely, I don't want to be sat infront of my pc for a while my opponent laughs and walks away from the board after he disconnects. I actually want him punished.

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    Calum is a good honest intelligent  guy.

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    The only reason why I abort games is to switch to music on youtube or if I get paired with the gy 3-4 times in a row.

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    In my opinion they must use a lot of capchas when one wants to register here and they must do all the PROFILE lines OBLIGATORY to fill and AVATAR OBLIGATORY to add.

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    Why not just have the same system as ICC: both players can agree that a disconnect means an immediate loss, and you can choose not to play people who won't accept this.

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    RockWomble написав:

    Why not just have the same system as ICC: both players can agree that a disconnect means an immediate loss, and you can choose not to play people who won't accept this.

    Yea! That sounds really effective! 

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    What's the problem?  I've found that after a game when I check their notes they have pages of disgruntled opponents saying the person disconnects, but in my game with them, they usually resign or get mated(presuming I win).  If they do disconnect, is 2 minutes really that long of a wait when you sat down to a 3/0 game COMMITTING 6 minutes to this game?


    To debunk the obvious argument of it being wated time, IT'S A GAME!  Games are meant to waste time.  Distract yourself(whining on the forums is common) check back occasionally to see if they reconnected and moved in the hopes that you've given up on the game then go on your merry way.  *sigh*

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    I have the same problem as above, however, I play 30 min games and sometimes have to wait for up to 25 mins because my opponent has been on tilt from such a quick loss. 


    Also, in the longer time controls engine use is a lot more prevalent and reasonably often players will have notes on their profile saying that they are obviously a engine user. I try to avoid these games like the plague because better safe than sorry but if I abort too often I get banned from aborting games.


    Its such a stupid rule... 

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    Maybe we need an opportunity to accept an opponent before starting a live game. This random matching currently starts a game immediately. We could have up to one minute to accept an opponent. If not acceptable the game just does not begin and there is no abortion.

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