Android App Problem


Anyone else experiencing this problem and know what to do about it?

When I'm playing on the app on my mobile phone and i get a notification that it's my move on another board, the current board gets messed up with pieces vanishing etc. This is only a recent problem, probably within the last week or so.


Yes small issue they have i got rid of it by unistalling then reinstalling or try just geetting the update best bet is uninstall i think thought mines mostly fixed now on phone only issue which is minor is i cant send my chat messages anymore for some reason but game works fine no you move any more all time 


Thanks Ian, I'll try that


Bumping this for the chat issue, it's more than minor for me.

Is there an admin that can confirm that is being looked at please?

Also, could new releases be anounced on a sticky somewhere so we know what's in it and feedback problems in a single thread? Or are they already and i've just not seen it?


I may be a newbie but live chess on Android app seems just terrible to me.

Some random suggestions:

1. please add an option for ignoring online game notifications while I'm on live chess. In other words, I don't care if it's my move in a game where I have 24 hours to play, while I'm short on time on live chess.

2. when reconnecting after a connection drop on live chess, please don't show a big "reconnecting" message above the chessboard because it just disrupts concentration. Since user cannot do anything other than wait for the connection to be re-established, a small spinner on the corner of the screen will probably be less intrusive and same informative.

Hope it helps.