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                 first of all, why the "submit" button is in the opposite side in the 2 different application!?

                     I use both, iPhone and Android application and I don’t understand why someone decides to invert the buttons, really annoying.

                     After this, I think that the android application still need some develop, sometime crash (I have and HTC ONE) and there are few bugs around.

                     I hope you can fix the bugs, and change the button position soon!!!



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    Hi Piero :) Can you please let me know which version of the android app you currently have installed? Also what version of Android do you have on your device.  Thanks for the information!

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    Hi, Sorry about the delay of my answer.


    I have the latest version of your software for android, I don't know how to find out the version but I know that Google play tell me that it's update.


    I have the latest version of the android that HTC released (4.2.2).


    As I said, I don't understand why the android version of the software have less options than the iPhone.


    About the bugs, some of them are still there. Often the app freeze when I submit my move.


    Hope this helps!






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    Piero- Thanks for the reply.  Have you tried a fresh install of the app to see if that helps at all?

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    Yes, I have tried.

            If you like you can contact me in MP, anyway, the 2 software (iOS and Android) works different, and I really feel that the iOS is mutch better.

            If you like I can give you more feedback.






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