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Black all THE TIME

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    Why does the site keep giving me black? Does it compute that I win more with black? It is absolutely irritating to have to defend every time. Can the programmers please look into this?

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    6/10 of your last games you were white.

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    goldendog wrote:

    6/10 of your last games you were white.

    You've got to be kidding me!! Here's a screen grab. 8 out 12 were black - that's 66%, sir. And obviously some of those games were back-to-back. Why would the software make you play black back-to-back?  It should be perfectly even!

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    When I checked, just when you posted, it was 6/10 as white.

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    earlier you had 4 games in a row with White ! Surprised so at the end of the day it will even out. 

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    You're just dumb, rude, and stupid. Just because you know how to crunch data on this site doesn't make you anything but an irritating smart alec.

    1. I have been getting more blacks RECENTLY - my stats show I win more with black (if you haven't noticed, moron) ... so maybe the site is in fact serving up more black

    2. And, in my all time stats, you have NO WAY OF KNOWING how many black games I've aborted because I got them back-to-back

    3. If you look at the image above, you'll see I'm playing games back-to-back. That should be even as far as I'm concerned.

    How can you be abusive off the bat?? Are you clinically insane? Or do you do this for some cheap kicks?

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    dear_old_chessticles wrote:

    You're a *****.


    Well done! You've beaten the rude words filter with a good commonly used expression

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    mojo, it is simply not possible to give everyone an exactly perfect white/black ratio at all times, or to alternate between black and white every single game. what happens when two players who just played black end up meeting? one plays black again.

    It's like a coin toss. it's possible to get heads 8 out of 12 times. like other posters have said, it'll even out. if u flipped a coin 1000 times (the number of games you've played, roughly), you probably won't end up at 500/500. as i stands, you are really not far off the mark, and shouldn't worry about it too much, imo.

    Your argument about getting black a lot RECENTLY actually supports the point I'm making here. Stats is a long-term tool and is extremely imperfect for small samples (30 instances or fewer).

    dont listen to jokers who say shit.

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    SimonMcNamaraMTL wrote:

    It's like a coin toss. it's possible to get heads 8 out of 12 times.

     dont listen to jokers who say shit.

    Yep, makes sense. Thanks. As for the joker above, I guess he gets bullied a lot in real life and takes it out here. What a piece of work.

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    You fuggers are funny. "Do you do it for kicks"? Hahaha, yeah kicks, general boredom, lack of proper parental guidance. General run of the mill reasons. He needs a hug, go on and give him one now

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    Someone here tests positive for troll.

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    Jpatrick wrote:

    Someone here tests positive for troll.

    Or he has no clue about the nature of randomness.

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    kco wrote:

    earlier you had 4 games in a row with White !  so at the end of the day it will even out. 

    Yes! Why didn't you get on forums, and ask programmers to look into it then??

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    lol this forum has been totally destroyed Surprised

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    Online forums remind me of Tarantino's 'Reservoir Dogs'.

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    So...to sum up....people get black more often than white?

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    No, it's just that the server hates certain people so forces them to play black all of the time sometimes.

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    Ubik42 wrote:

    So...to sum up....people get black more often than white?

    It's true! Even in RL!

    Remember bieng at a 5-round tournament once, was paired as black rounds one and two. Then I look at the pairings, see I'm paired as black round three as well. (Noticed my opponent was white his first round.)

    So I went to the TD, and said something. This is back in the day, didn't have these fancy laptops to do the pairing on. The TD pulls out his stack of index cards, and walks me though the process of How to Pair a Chess Tounament. goes through everybody with 2 points, then everybody with 1.5 points, then everybody with one point (which was me,) and says "And that's how you end up playing black!"

    Not saying a word, (Knowing I would be WAY too sarcastic if I opened my mouth) I took the two index cards, and calmly switched them.

    "Well...You know.......I was just following the system...."

    So he switches the pairing and assigns me white that round. Then, just to be a smart alek, he pairs me as whte rounds 4 and 5 as well. I didn't say anything about that!

    I mean, one mistake I can understand. But two in a row?? Forget it!Tongue Out

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    MojoJedi wrote:

    Online forums remind me of Tarantino's 'Reservoir Dogs'.

    In what way? Somebody get their ear cut off?

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    This actually sounds quite a bit like the Gambler's Fallacy (well, maybe more the Inverese Gambler's Fallacy see link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler's_fallacy#Reverse_fallacy)

    Basically, it's like thinking that streaks mean something when in realitly the outcome of a coin-toss is complete independent of the results of all previous coin-tosses. Just because a coin lands heads 10 times in a rown, doesn't mean the universe holds any memory of it happening to 'push' it one way or the other. Just as a 'streak' of a color doesn't actually mean anything. Streaks will happen eventually, just remember you always have a 50/50 chance.



    Science b******. That's a plural word btw.


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