Can't specify opponent rating range in online chess


If I start a new game directly from the online chess main page I can specify my opponent rating.

However, if I want to start a game from a specific position I cannot.

Under "show more options" there's the starting position but I no longer have the option to set my opponent's rating range.


This is extremely annoying because I would like to practice some openings with people who know them, but as soon as I launch the game in literally 1 second the challenge is already taken by somebody 300 points lower than me. So I have no chance to practice because they know zero opening theory.


I'd like to be able to choose the rating range of my opponent even starting a game from a specific position. Thanks.


Step by Step

1. Click on Play at the top left of the page, then choose online chess in the drop down

2. in the box to the right below the adds and allurts is a box with a few options like "Home" and "Start New Game" click on "Start New Game"

3. (The above U already knew proberbly) in the box choose opponent make sure it's set to random at the left and the min rating is "ur current rating" and the max is empty.

4. Below this make sure it's set to standard chess in the first drop down, then click on "Show more options" (The tick box below) This will open a new drop down called "Choose starting position" choose any opening U want from the list

5. I reccomend you give the game a name (In the box just below choosing a starting positions) like testing opening.


Oh thank you!

The step I was failing is number 3.  I didn't notice the button "random" on the left, where I can set what I want.


thanks again