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I have a large number of students on, and I think it would be very helpful to have a way of tracking what my students are actually doing on the chess training features, like lessons.  Seeing all of a student's week-by-week information would be very helpful.  One example I have is a student, who is supposed to be going through the positional lessons on, but I don't actually know if they are doing the right ones, or doing them at all.  I know Chessable is working on a "coach mode" and Chesstempo already has a way for a coach to compile specialized tactics sets for students.  I'd love to be able to do this on; and I think it would draw more business toward  We much more prefer to do all of our training and coaching on one website, so this would really make life simpler, and I can't imagine it be anything less than a nice anchor for, in the sense that players would spend more time on the site, and possibly get more paying members.


Sounds interesting, maybe suggest it to BETA.


I wouldn't make it a free service, but should be for diamond members or titled players. It will likely be a minute before they do. They have a lot going on. 


That's interesting to hear you talk about utilizing the lessons on here as I had really advocated for them myself.  I have been doing them consistently for a couple of years and felt they were quite good.


TheSultan31003 wrote:

 I have been doing them consistently for a couple of years and felt they were quite good.




Spyware Requested


I have also found myself (in the role of a coach) wanting better support from the infrastructure of to support my interaction with students.  Even in what's currently available (e.g., live chess & shared analysis board, etc.) there's obvious and long-standing bugs.  And while I've learned how to work around them in a clunky way, the inattention to fixing or improving such issues tells me that this area likely isn't seeing enough traffic/interest to warrant closer/faster attention from staff.  Or perhaps they don't have the right tools to tell...

RussBell is clearly more focused on creating and filling the site with news articles and other "soft" content.  This is what grabs and holds the (initial, short term) attention of the user base. This also has the most immediate impact on growing the subscriber base.  Improving the infrastructure, user experience and functionality of the site is not a priority, as these are less visible, and thus less obvious to the user.  Users don't become aware of the functional and infrastructure deficiencies until well after they have been "hooked" as subscribers.  And if the majority of subscribers don't complain (or simply give up complaining), the issues can be safely ignored, or put on the back burner, as long as the subscriber base continues to grow.