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conditional moves

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    Conditional moves are a luxury, though, and purely non-essential. It's entirely your option to use them. There doesn't need to be a submit button, because the user has to click "Conditional Moves" to make them. The conditional-moves feature isn't for someone who isn't exactly sure what moves he wants to make.

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    I rather like the feature. I even tried it out myself in a game, but my opponent chose a different line. But in my opinion, that one feature doesn't make the site any worse for joining... perhaps makes it somewhat better even.

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    con/moves is great,best for slow movers , gives them more moves to think about

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    There is a circumstance where conditional moves is alot like experimentally moving pieces around on a chessboard; this can reveal things about a position that otherwise wouldn't be known.

    I kind of like the "risk" of the conditional moves to try and limit this kind of experimentation at least a little.

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    I use conditional moves a lot.  Keeps the game moving when there is an obvious series of moves.  Premium members are also allowed to enter multiple lines of conditional moves.  I have sometimes entered five or more different lines.  I find some amusement visualizing my opponent who probably assumes I have entered only one line sitting there going how the bleep did he know what I was going to do when a series of conditional moves goes on for 4 or 5 moves through viable alternatives.  Although, I have also invested a lot of time in entering multiple lines of conditional moves only to get the first move wrong and have all that effort go for nothing - except education I suppose.  

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    haha...Sorg67 me too!  I've come a LONG way on this issue and the analyze window in combination with the conditional moves is probably the single best feature of this site.  I just wish we could play out a line in analyzer and paste it into conditional moves.  THAT I might pay for.


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