Connection interrupted


When I play live sometimes the connection to the server gets interrupted, even if my internet connection is excellent and its all green and no lag. It is annoying to have a clear material advantage and there is five minutes left on the clock and then the connection gets interrupted and I lose the game because the time runs out....... Is there a way so that when someone loses on time because of this that could give 1/2 a point to each player instead? Because I´m sure that there is noone out there who feels that it is ok to win a game like that. 


Can you make your chessbrain discern between somebody disconnecting manually from a game and when somebody loses a game because of the server getting interrupted? Or even better could you fix your server? I´m sorry to say this but I have never experienced being disconnected from a game at all on ICC or Chesscube or what have you, so the issue is with´s server, I think. To be given 1/2 point when this happens is only fair in my opinion. 


All the Best


I totally agree. I often have the same frustration. What's up with the server?

It makes it look like they are getting alot more hits on their site. All of the ads have to reload and it looks like a new hit to the the advertisers.

My connection is interrupted at least every 3 minutes. Pitiful business practice.