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copy and pasting

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    i guessing its a virus

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    I restarted my computer so my updates installed....conflag....don't kill xp....if you don't have a service pack 3 disc, you won't be able to use that OS again....microsoft stopped offering service for it unless there service pack 3 installed into the system.... I got a virus 2 weeks after microsoft made the change and my desktop is now gathering dust.... I am glad I have a laptop

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    Is there anyone else who is having any trouble copying and pasting things either from outside of chess.com to it or from chess.com to another program.... such as pgn files, html, etc...

    I have for 2 days now...

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    oh my its the dorkbot.lnk virus, nameon1had, its a severe virus that is lurking in your pc. The next thing it will do is to hide your folders. I hope you know DOS syntax commands.

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    The way to cure all viruses is to completely wipe the disk clean. There is a free program out there that does this called "Killdisk." You can google it. Before you do this you must save your files or you will lose them. Then you have to re-enter Windows. If you do not know how to do this, you must contact a computer technician.


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