Earmarking and saving favourite games


I think it would be cool to be able to 'bookmark' or 'earmark' games in progress and put them categorized above the Current Game list, after so many games are going at once you have to expand the current list and it could be 50+ games so i just thought it might be cool to be able to bookmark a few games that you're extra interested in that categorizes them above others.


Also i thought it would be great to be able to Star/Bookmark/Save favourites to a personal list of games, so if you have a really great game and 6 months later want to find it but cant really remember the name of your opponent then you just pull up the favourites list and sort through it there, showing only the ones you have saved.


Just a couple ideas.


I have nothing against the 1st idea (although I probably wont use it), but I like the 2nd one better.

Any staff thoughts on the second idea?

I was searching for a way to bookmark my place in a game I am studying in the game explorer, when I came accross this thread.

While it seems to be possible to bookmark a link to a game page, it seems to be impossible to bookmark a position in a game, to refer back to for further study, or to easily continue an interrupted study.

I am very surprised to find there appears to be no way to manage and organise, the personal study of games using features integrated into the current game explorer on this site, particularly as it is a platinum feature.

If this functionality does exist and I am somehow not finding it I would be grateful if somebody could point it out to me.


yes, please add this chess.com


Bump - the second idea is great. Bookmarking (public or private) would be a really handy tool.


Wow. These are excellent ideas! I'm passing your feedback along to the developers!


4 years later!




So what happened? Can you bookmark or not? I crushed this fool today that tried to offer draw to save embarrassment. Had board on lockdown on move 15. One of my best openings and want to bookmark it. 



please add this


Its coming  eventually.... 


Please plz, plz deliver this feature to bookmark a game!  Would be as easy as a star icon that when clicked changes colour and copies the game into a list of "Favourite Games".  Would be good to see this list as a table with sortable columns so you can see Opponent, Date, Opening, Result etc at a glance.  


We'll have it eventually, For now you can simply use a browser bookmark  


this feature (both of them) would be great. I have a few opponents who I continually play and it would be great if I could give priority to moving in their games by bookmarking it. the second idea would slash be appreciated as I recently beat an opponent in 8 moves and I was proud of setting the mate moves in advance. it would be nice if I could save it instead of looking through my thousand played games searching for a specific one


One stop gap measure is to maintain a diary of sorts. You can collect up the games of an opponent, or game of an opening or whatever by finding them in the archive. Cut and paste the archive line entry and by right-clicking on the game copy the link address. This can be pasted into the diary along with any  added comments. For example



10 min
30 Jul 18, 2019



The game was strange. Whatever, whatever...