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Easier access to Vote Chess games?

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    If this has been answered elsewhere, I apologize.  But is it possible to add a link to Vote Chess games as there is to Online games in progress?  I participate in many of these (6 currently) and I can't access them easily from the Home page.  As far as I know the only ways are:

    1)  Wait for a pending move deadline

    2)  Wait for a new comment to be posted

    3)  Try to remember which group the Vote Chess game is being played in, go to that group page and click on the link there.

    Is there a quicker way to re-visit ongoing Vote Chess games, or would it be possible to either make a separate link on the Home page for Vote Chess games, or include Vote Chess games along with the other Online games in progress? 


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    On the top menu: hover over HOME and choose vote chess.

    It lists all your curreent games, whose move it is, and time left etc

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    Thank you, @rooperi.  Can't believe I missed that!  But I miss a lot which is why I'm not playing Magnus.


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