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Feature: Hide opponents rating

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    we need this to happen. or have unrated games!  

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    Please implement this.  I want to play a person not a rating.

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    I agree. I always get nervous like i have to win if thier rating is lower. Ik its dumb but i think id focus better if i could hide ratings

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    One can understand that it's mind boggling knowing the rate of the opponent.

    On the other hand one can define the max. deviation of the opponents rating compared to my foolish selfish. If I remember right I adjusted it to +-50. So in the end most could know the range of the opponents rating and that feature would only make sense for people who don't know about this and for those where the predefined range is quite high.

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    I'd rather know my opponent's rating: if they're lower rated, I can almost always beat them in the endgame with even material.  If they're higher rated, I'll take more of a chance on a middlegame advantage.

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    You can click the 'focus mode' button after you select play and it will hide the rating. I've used it a lot for your reason exactly.

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    msiipola wrote:

    Much of fear and tension comes from seeing your opponents rating. Against lower rated, you "must" win. Against higher rated you maybe lose your confidence.

    So If you could hide your opponents rating during the game, you could play the board and not the man (or women).

    See also article: http://www.chess.com/article/view/rating-fears


    This can already be done.

    When you are in live chess, click on the two small arrows on at the top right of the board and select settings. then select the " Always use focus mode" toggle. 

    Now you will never know your opponent's rating until after the game!


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