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Feedback on iOS app

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    Good improvements lately to the iOS app, but there a few issues that I have with it that I'd like to see addressed...

    Primarily, the rotation issue-  I mentioned before that the app should respect the rotation, esp. on iPad and allowing the device to be held "upside down", with the button at the top. I notice that this enhancement was made on one of the recent releases, but it needs to go one step further.

    As it stands today, the app assumes portrait orientation on startup.  It recognizes rotation events and will rotate to the correct orientation.  However, it needs to NOT assume portrait on startup.  If I have the iPad in landscape orientation and start the app, it is in portrait.  I have to rotate the device physically to portrait and back to landscape to correct the orientation.

    Second issue-  the large amount of white (black) space in landscape mode under the move list.  Why only show the last 3 moves when so much space is unused below that list? Better would be to take all the available space for the move list.  Also, let me scroll the move list and tap on a move to go back to that move.

    Thanks for the improvements, and I hope to see what you do in the future.


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