Game Editor Is Driving Me Mad


I use the Analysis Board/Game Editor on this site to analyse my own positions & games that other members post.
It's a really useful tool but in Game Editor mode, if you have a sequence of moves that's too long to fit in the moves-pane, it always displays the final set of moves instead of the move that you are at. I'm often trying to switch between variations I've set up but can't see any of them most of the time.

Adjusting the view in the moves-pane only works until I click on the up or down button & then the view changes again to show only the final set of moves - it's driving me to distraction !

Is there anything I can do to ensure that the move I'm on is always displayed in the pane ?

Come to that, does anyone else have the same problem or could it be some obscure fault with my PC ?


No help. Havn't experienced that particular problem.


Hmm..  274 views so far but only one (not very helpful) comment !

I've reported this to tech-support & they accept that it's a site problem (it's in hand with the coders) but I don't understand why this doesn't seem to affect more people. So for those of you with a little time to spare, would you help me out by opening Game Editor (it opens in Analysis mode so you'll need to click on the Game Editor tab !) & either making moves until the list overflows the moves-pane or  load a game or sequence of moves so that it overflows (needs to be at least 15 moves on my machine).

Then click on the 'back to start' button to return to the first move & click on the forward button (to make the first move) - do you lose sight of that first move in the moves-pane ?

I'd appreciate it if you would try what I describe above & post your results (perhaps with details of the browser/OS you're running).  If you have any problems loading a game into the editor etc., I'll be happy to help...

{ I'm running Chrome on Windows 7 OS but I have the same problem on my desktop PC running Chrome on Windows XP (SP 3) }



Just tried it and I seem to get the same issue:

Windows 7 64-bit

Browsers tested:

Chrome: 21.0.1180.75 (Up-to date)

Firefox: 12.0 (Not up-to-date)

IE: 9


Thanks for that - interesting that it also happens in Firefox because it & chrome seem to be the preferred browsers on this site.