Group Merger


I just thought of an idea.

There are a lot of groups on that invite identical target demography, such as the groups that invite only the member of a certain country, religion, fanclub, etc. 

Is there a way to merge similar groups into one supergroup? If not, could that be a possible addition to the features of this wonderful chess site?


I think it would be just as easy to disband one (or more) group(s) and have all the interested members join the other (remaining) group. I think you have to get to "delete" a group once it's no longer needed or wanted.

You can click on Help & Support at the bottom of the page and contact the staff with your suggestion.


That'll never work.  Since anyone can create a group, it's safe to say not only was it created by someone who belongs to the demographic, but also by someone who wanted to be an administrator of a group.  By forming 1 big group for all of these splinter groups, people will lose their right to be the head of a group.


Several Palestinian groups allege they have now merged despite CC's claim that such an event isn't possible. I'm an admin in 2 groups and I could easily "retire" if there was no longer any need of my (probably unneeded anyway) "services"...


"How would you work out the Fair Value for the transfer of the assets from one Group to another or into the newly created Group and in particular the intangibles?"  (group-hysteria)


I am in a group. Am open to receive both friendly and hostile bids for it. All subject to board approval.


Thanks kenpo.


I never said that such an event is impossible.  Just because some groups merge doesn't mean that all can, and just because some can't doesn't mean all can not.


As always an astute Artfizz asks aptly at an answer.


When you worked out a pricing model, let me know. Perhaps i will invest some seed money in a couple of groups. I am bullish currently.