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    Does anyone know when chess.com is going to fix the chess board colors?? have sent several messages, but nothing back. It sure is hard to play with that crappy colored default board that's there now  isn't it??

    Any help or anyone in the know at all??



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    There was a post about this in the help section of the forums. One of the staff members said they are working on a fix.

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    i agree , hope they fix it soon !!!

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    From Erik himself :)

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    I await future amazement! Surprised

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    Kansha wrote:

    From Erik himself :)


    I hope this co called "fix" is indeed coming real soon. It has been more than annoying! If I had a free account I wouldn't complain. As a Diamond member, this is unacceptable, especially since there wasn't a heads up about it anywhere and so we're all stuck with a crummy colored board and the settings tab is virtually useless. Nothing changes or saves. Un acceptable and I also happen to agree with comment above by landlubberdolphin: good catch - reading and writing English properly would sure make things more believeable all the way around.

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    ^Having ugly board colors isn't the end of the world, I think you're overreacting a bit.

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    landlubberdolphin wrote:

    its hard to take a guy who cant capitalize properly and ends every sentence with an exclaim seriously!

    The joke almost flew over my head

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    You just go to SETTINGS ( on live chess) (it is in the top area of the screen) then click the style box then change then board size, the piece style, board style, and the layout however you want it. Ok?

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    For ChessNinja826: Are you for real? Do you know how to read? Thanks for those instructions that we all know...if that were the case, then there wouldn't have been a post on here about it not working in the first place! Many others having same problem. Glad it works for you. Ok?


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    bring the old 'wood' boards back please.  you can keep the new ones, but at least bring the old options back.

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    Hey Woody it's really awesome how you point out people lack of good writting when you seem to make mistakes too! Thats great ! And has sicilian says, maybe you tend to overreact a bit, no?

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    got this from Erik: http://i.imgur.com/VuZaEIR.png


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