How about tourney game line updates?


Here's something I'd find useful.  I like playing the online tournaments, and fairly often I'll look at the completed games (in the same tournament) of other people in my group while the round is still underway.  When I look at the current standings page for my group I can see in the cross table which games are completed, but if I go back in a week and look again I can't tell at a glance which (if any) games have been completed since my last check.  The only way to know would be to remember or write down what the last status was, or go to each player's individual game history.

Would it be possible for the group summary page to list game outcomes not just in the cross table, but also in a game table?  Each completed game would be a separate line.  The only columns needed would be date, White player, Black player, and result (though a couple other pieces of info could be added, such as number of moves or termination mode [resigned, checkmated, timed out, 50 move rule, etc.]).  A new line would be appended to the bottom as each game within the group is completed, resulting in the game lines being sorted by completion date.  That way it would be easy for someone to identify which games have been completed since s/he last looked at the group results page.