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idea for bullet games

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    In bullet games time makes all the difference and because we all use internet there is sometimes a lot of lag and therefore a 1 minut game ( should last maximum 2 minutes) lasts about 5 minutes... because this site automaticly gives back the time for lag.

    In my opinion this has a lot of disadvatagnes as sometimes you just do random moves because you see your opponent is in time pressure, but when he/ she suddenly gets 10 seconds back, it makes it difficult. Also when you see it is your opponent turn and you see his time running and you must constantly consider the fact, that he made the move in half a second and it is possibly your time running out.

    I see there a bit of a problem, so i thought of a soulution and came up with this- every player should have a option in settings, as like ( I allow this site to cancel game when 2 minutes game has lasted over 4 minutes) or something like that. This would work only if both players have accepted that idea and therefore those players who think of this as a problem could fix it and those who do not, can play normally. Only problem i see, is that the idea of developing this is quite hard for chess.com

    So please think of this, do you see it as a problem and if you do, maybe you can think of better solutions.

    Thank you,


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    You could just try - you know, not doing random moves.

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    By those so called random moves i meant sacrifising your queen to check opponents king, everything you can, just to make sure he is the one loosing on time, because if you play bullet chess you often get to a dead equal midgame position where both players are in serious time trouble. Daniel Rensch had a cute name for those kind of moves. But for example if you exploit this idea and afterwards you see your opponents time going up, then you wonˇt be happy.


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