Improve Operations on the Manage Friends Page.



  So far this site is number 1 for me and kudos to the owners, programmers, and other associates who make this site the best on the web!  I will have fun on this site forever!  :)

  To help improve the funcationality of I would like to make a recommendation.  Regarding your manage friends page,, there is a slight irritation when deleting friend requests.  Once you delete a request your system sends you back to your homepage.  Thus if one has 20 requests, you have to go back and forth an additional 19 times.  I just wanted to share that since time is money.  

  Other than this little quibble, rocks and I'll continue to support it and enjoy the challenges that abound with greater and lesser players.


Take care! Keep up the great work!  




you outplayed me. gg.