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Intentionally Aborted or Disconnected

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    I have done this for sometime but most of the time it happened was due to unknown reasons.  Why?  Sometimes you open the game and you cannot move the pieces and what you can do is to wait until it will be aborted by the server.  Or the game opens up but you cannot see the pieces of both players.  You wait until one by one the pieces will appear then it closes or aborts again.  Third, even though you have strong signal it says you are disconnected and you wait until you will be connected again or you will loss the game because your time has been consumed. 

    I think these are not the fault of the players but somewhere else where the technology experts only know and the owner of Chess.com will fixed in fairness to all players.

  • #2

    Sounds like broadband problems.

  • #3

    I'm sorry, it happens when i try to play with my smatphone. The problem is the connection I apologize to all

  • #4

    When playing on my phone, sometimes I can close and reopen the app and it will work.

  • #5

    It happend to me on iPhone all the time

  • #6

    I am using laptop and it happened but I think it's ok now.  The only I notice as of these days is the movement of the opponent that seems to be delayed because you hear the sound and you wait for the move.

  • #7

    that happend because of our conaction server I lost the internet conaction for some reson 

  • #8

    I cannot tell you how many players do that to me in a losing situation. They always do it. It gets so annoying.


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