iOS app problems


I'm using the current app on an iPad 1. Four things. First, there is no way to do premove, and this would be a welcome addition. Second, draws can only be offered/claimed after moving. For an offer, this is correct, but a 3-fold repitition is supposed to be claimed pror to making the move. Coupled with the high amount of friction involved in submitting the "draw" API request, it makes it impossible to claim a draw against an unwilling opponent, who may have premoved. Third, I can't accept rematch requests, because the app hangs. I found that I must decline all requests, and then initiate the rematch myself. Not a good experience. And fourth, a couple of days ago, I encountered some "null" moves by my opponent. After that one null move, every move from the opponent thereafter was also a null move. It happened again maybe in the next game, or the one after that. No idea what was going on there, and I haven't seen it again. I wonder what my opponent saw on his board.


Time to cash in 1 share of AAPL and upgrade to The New iPad Smile

Chess960 on an iOS is also a frustrating experience. Castling does not work in Analysis mode.
ausLiebe wrote:

Time to cash in 1 share of AAPL and upgrade to The New iPad

Congratulations on your first member point! Only 8300 or so to catch up!


if u cant view this page in ipad 2 properly then accept apple sucks


Dear staff, please fix the bug in iOS app tactics trainer where it doesn't correctly handle queenside castling.