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Is there racial descrimination in chess.com app visuals?

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    Coach_Leo wrote:

    It should be a federal law that every time this site shows an image of a person (real or fictional; photograph or cartoon), the person's complexion should always first be automatically photo-shopped to show the complexion as medium-gray.  This way no particular race/ethnicity/group need feel discriminated against.  Where's my Nobel Peace Prize?

    Why don't we just ban all pictures? They enforce an unrealistic beauty standard anyways.

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    Truth is - if you want someone in Asia, Africa, or Latin America to buy a product, you advertise by putting a white person (European, American, Australian, etc.) showing their support for it. Does not even matter what the product actually is. This is the global market mindset. People around the world subconsiously associate whiteness with wealth, beauty, power, charm, happiness.

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    They are pictures of grandmasters, not random people

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    hungry4kicks wrote:

    Sorry not to have been clear, I mean when I am waiting for a player to be assigned in a live game, I get a series of avatar-like images that quickly appear on the screen (it's the same images of people each time, so it's clearly pre-determined). 

    A decision was made about which images to include and it's that decision that I'm asking about.  

    I'm suggesting it's unconciously racially descriminatory.  If someone consciously said 'let's have less asians or black people on there than we actually have in reality, because that's the type of user base we want to attract and look like' - then I would say it is actively racist....

    I'm not trying to kick off for the sake of it.  I love chess.com and just thought it better to share my reaction to see what others thought rather than keep quiet....

    pretty sure they are images of titled players

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    Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court suggested that affirmative action might have a time limit once racism had sufficiently declined, all I've heard about is how everything, everywhere, all time is yet more evidence of racism.  Given the vast transfer of wealth and privilege effected through affirmative action, I wonder if there is a link between what the court said and the sudden claims, after Obama's election, of racism everywhere?

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