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Issues with Chess.com's Android App

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    I recently downloaded the Android App for Chess.com, and while I am impressed with it for the most part, what is worrying is that there is often a disconnect, when I am travelling by Bus or even at home. One of the reviewers for the app mentioned that he was eventually banned from Chess.com for "abandoning" games.  

    Is it not possible for Chess.com to evaluate the browser-tag to find out if the person is using an APP? It is quite possible that these disconnects and subsequent banning of people using the App, will either make the App unpopular, or just drive away enthusiasts who wish to play on their phones/tablets.

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    More issues. The Accepting a challenge at the end of the game seems to take the application of back to main Page.

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    I have gone to the classic app. This seems to work better for me :)


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