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Let us block users who have a history of abandoning games in live chess

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    Of course, if you block them, they will just sign up with a new account.

    Block their IP? - Useless since most people are given a new IP each time they turn on their computer.

    Best to just get over it and move on.

    It has happened to me a few times (Like LongIslandMark, I've rarely had this happen). I just went and posted in their profile 'Leaving the game does not prevent you from losing, I can wait for my point. :)', then I find something constructive to pass the time like spreading my charm and wit in the forums.Laughing

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    And what if you just resign and start a new game? After all you knew that game was won, so what do you lose? Just a few rating points (virtual rating points) which you will eventually recover in case you are that good.

    The point is, I dont want to move on: It is them who have to resign instead of being that kind of scum.

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    I agree. It seems like this practice is getting more prevalent. The idea of forcing a response to a "win button" like RSenekal suggested is a good one. Typically, when some one abandons a game on me, I look at their profile and see a list of people complaining about the same thing in other games. 

    It seems like Chess.com is losing its quality. I've been subscribing for a while, and may start looking elsewhere if this gets worse. 

    At least, for subscribers, can't you offer that kind of automatic win button? 

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    Are you talking about people who don't start or the people who walk away after hanging their queen.

    In many games where my opponent rage quit, I have just resgned and moved on.

    I think people who don't start the game desevea loss. I would have quite a few losses this way, but if the game has started it's pretty unfair to the person who is ready to play. Some times I will get matched with someone who will abort several times in a row.


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