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Member Page: Points Glitch

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    Hey Chess.com! I've come to report a glitch I found on the members page...

    It all started in 2011 A.D. I was taking a stroll around Chess.com when I came across the members page. Peculiarly curious, I scrolled down to see the active members of the day. Of course my name was there [XD], so I attempted to earn more points.

    Today, my point count passed the 5000 and 5100 mark. However, the member page is stating that I had only earned 43 points? This may be only a glitch on my laptop screen... However, several other members might be experiencing the same problem, so I thought I should report it.

    Thank you!

    ~ CalbaMan

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    There's a delay. If you go to a group page, then check members, you should be able to see your correct amount of points for the day.

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    That's the problem. It occurs continuously throughout the entire day. I've even refreshed and restarted a couple times. Nothing.

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    every hour it changes

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    R u sure it's every hour?
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    It hasn't changed for me... 

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    Same here
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    Perhaps a problem with the data-processing waiter fics?

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    look at the points page now, MAJOR glitch...

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    No, you just don't know Skofe...

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    He has this vote chess commenting power/ability type thing... 

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    chess.com frigs up

    i post a comment

    and it dosent workf


    funandniceisme:so u didnt get 1900+ points today?


    Skofe:and then it just goes crazy and posts 1000s of times




    Skofe:no only like 20lol"

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    Yup exactly.


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