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Member Points: Another Glitch

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    I have just encountered another problem! When browsing through fora, I often encounter a member who I would like to know more about. So, as to see his basic Chess.com statistics, I hover over his linked name. 

    However, whenever I do this, an "HTTP Error" message is displayed in the pop-up box... Would anyone know why this is happening or how it can be fixed?

    ~ CalbaMan

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    Working on it :)

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    Cool, thanks Kohai. :)

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    Same thing has been happening to me.. I thought it was just a minor problem, but I guess its popped up for A few ppl
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    Well, the problem is slightly better now. I can view some member statistics, although not for everyone.

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    This problem happens to me all the time...
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    *sigh* all the time...

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