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member search limitations

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    There should be an option to have members displayed alphabetically at the country level.  I remember the country and first letter of the name of someone, but when I go to member search and narrow it down to members from that country, there are only 2 display sort options on the drop down menu.  One is most recently online, which is useless information since I don't know when s/he was online, and even if I knew this person had been online very recently, there are many pages of people who are listed as having been online just today.  The second display order option is join date, which is even more useless than the first option.  Who the heck knows what date someone joined?  Why can't an alphabetical display be an option?

    On a related search note, and I've seen complaints about this before so It's apparently not a concern, but a lot of information is not obtainable by searches because of the number of pages that can be displayed.  If I'm searching for a tournament by name, for instance, I do have the option of arranging alphabetically, but for a lot of tournaments that doesn't help.  The reason is because there are far more than 100 "pages" worth of results, but it's not possible to display any data past page 100.  In the case of tournament names, right now you'll only find the tournament you're looking for if it's name does not rank alphabetically later than "red".  There doesn't appear to be a way around that.

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    get_lost wrote:

    I've come across this page 100 bug too, it's like it for forum topics, notes(!) and probably many other types of page.

     The hundred-page-limit is a featureWink not a bugFrown.

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    Do you recall this discussion? member-search---how-to-improve-it

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    artfizz wrote:

    Do you recall this discussion? member-search---how-to-improve-it

    No, that was way before my time here.  It does show, though, that it was decided a long time ago not to do anything to improve the situation, so there's no sense flogging a dead horse.


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