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Need Timeout Option In Team Matches

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    It is frustrating to watch a player losing on time again and again, causing the team to lose. Just like in tournaments, in team matches too admins should be given the option to keep players out if they exceed a certain limit.

    For example while creating or accepting a challenge, admin should be able to make a setting that if a player has lost 2 games in last 5 days on time, he should not be allowed to join the match.

    Skand Bhargava
    Team India  Team India

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    I agree.

    It is highly impossible to look for time-out of individual and removing them from the team matches,

    The time-out ratio should be less 10% or something like that.

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    I agree with this. Or an alternative would be to allow Admin to set vacation for that player in his team game. :)

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    If it is easier to implement, then it could even be made a group setting. Instead of a 10% setting, it should be based on recent history as historical data is not a true reflection of current status of a player.

    Skand Bhargava
    Team India  Team India

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    If it is so easy and popular, then chess.com would have made it available to normal tournament also. I dont know whether it is possible to set 10% or 5% time-out ratio in team matches. The quickest we could make use of it is to ask for whatever option availble on tournaments to be available for team matches

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    Repeated offenders should be banned from group by individual group admins as is prevalent system in many groups for indiscipline in vote chess or in Team Matches that affect group

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    Today I came across a person who thinks the Team matches are played like LiveChess. A simple condition on number of games to be completed is good enough to filter those uninformed people.

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    havenot played a single game. He registered to take part, but I think he never opened online chess. He may loose the match in time-out

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    Panandh, you get a mail that the match has started. If you click on the link it takes you straight to the familiar page of the match where you can easily locate yourself. Later, when only few hours are left you get another email that you are going to lose the game on time. The link in this email takes you straight to your game! So ignorance can hardly be the cause, I feel.

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    But I wonder how many people are really comfortable with this. I mean they may play a 4-5 moves, and after that they tend to ignore that.

    The point is people are interested in joining team matches. However they are surprised to learn about turn-based matches and it may not be their cup of tea.

    I just request them to finish at-least one turn-based game and if they are still inetrested, they are most welcome.

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    I agree with skand,

    The time-out ratio reflects the players overall (including few years) ratio. And we are interested only in recent history. The term recent is loosely used here. It maybe used to denote the calender time, or it could denote time period of last 'N' games. But some sort of recent data is required.

    I think it is right time to request chess.com to have a feature with recent time-out.

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    Its about 3 years... any idea if it is going to be implemented. I (and perhaps, admins of almost every team @ chess.com) will be more happy to see such facility is available while setting up a team match.  Certainly we can minimize the participation of frequent timeouters and their by reducing the frustration of serious players.

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    Is there an official "Wish List" forum on chess.com?


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