Please place a limit on making draw offers.

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    Why is it annoying? It makes no difference, just keep playing. I don't understand, you can just ignore them completely.

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    Because that's what she does. Now she'll insult me based on my rating.

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    had a numbnut offer me a draw every move after he dropped a piece, then wrote garbage notes after the game and blocked me!


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            I was offered a draw the other day in an "online" game, once upon me taking my opponent's last rook, leaving only his King and two pawns against my rook and three pawns, promoting one of which was a simple task and then again once I had promoted a pawn to Queen and his last pawn was gone. Even if I had blundered once, I was still virtually certain to win. He may have had in mind a possible stalemate, for which I was carefully watching out. He may have hoped that I would accidentally click on "accept", instead of "no draw". Whatever his reasons, I was left feeling somewhat annoyed.

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    I mostly play on my iPad and the draw offers pop up and block you from moving until you make a selection

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    " My opponent began offering a draw nearly every move, which was very annoying."

    I never offer a draw. Instead I try to repeat the position 3 times, or claim a draw after 50 moves and there were no pawn moves or captures.

    It's not ethical to repeatedly ask for a draw and it's even worse to ask for a draw when the opponent has winning chances.

    The solution is just block that opponent.

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    Just make a move, and the draw offer goes away.

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    CM DavidReti, by playing a move the draw offer gets instantly rejected, so why do you care? Just ignore it.

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