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Problem 26380 in tactics trainer displays wrong

  • #1

    Problem 26380, is solvable but displays like in picture. I'm using linux, and browser is firefox 10.0.2 for Open Suse Linux 11.4

  • #2

    the same wrong too, I'm using win7 google chrome .

  • #3

    Maybe member "pampaa" (with his comment) spoiled it...

  • #4

    Another one ! problem 336887

  • #5

    I will ask staff to delete those problematic comments which cause that.

    EDIT: What a quick response! That's why I love chess.com! Smile 

  • #6

    Ej super si :) Komu si to poslal ?

    You are great :) Whom you report to fix this ?

  • #7

    kohai sem rekel, pa je v naslednji minuti že odgovorila, da bo ona prevzela to delo (zbrisala komentarje). :)


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