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Replace "5 min" live option for "10|5" option

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    There is a 5|2 option and a 5|0 option, and the crowds for both arent as popular as the 10|0 playlist. If you're going to give an increment and non-increment version for one time, it should be for 10| and not 5|


    Yeah i know there is a custom setting, but this is more convenient. i think we should keep 5|2 and replace 5|0


    also, when is the Live chess960 coming out? :)

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    5 0 is one of the most popular time controls online.

    The one I'm really annoyed not to see is 15 0.

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    I think the options for those of us who like a decent increment are very limited.  For example there should be a 2\12 option.  7/9 option would be nice as well.  


    15/0 is bad when you have the game won and you oponent has 12 minutes left and decides to wait until he is down to one minute to make his next move.  And generally you just know how long a game is going to take.  Its not like the endgame requires less thought than the opening or middle game.  

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    Really, i would've thought 5|0 is the lesser of the two. I think they rank them in popularity, as 10|0 is at the top of the list. also, the graph shows more 10|0 and 5|2, but maybe thats just for my rating bracket.

    Yes, a high increment time mode would be cool, hate getting run out of the clock while winning, i know its part of the game, but i've switched to increment time modes to avoid those situations


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