Site needs a draw offer hotkey!


Please, please, please. When playing a game, why not have the letter 'd' be a hotkey for offer/claim a draw? It is so slow during a game to navigate away from the board to find the draw button.

It's very fast, and would be welcome.


A worse idea, but still better than the status quo, would be for the "draw" functionality to also check the previous position, like it does on FICS, in case of an opponent's move.

I make the move Re1, which generates a 3-fold repetition.

I navigate to find the "draw" button. This takes forever, of course, so in the meantime my opponent makes a move which breaks the repetition.

When I finally find the draw button, the server can be changed to recognize repetition positions from when it was my move also.


Would be annoying for our Australian users.


Game drawn by agreement.


Either way, please make a solution which also solves the problem for the app. Finding the draw button on the iOS iPad app really does take forever.


im agree with your idea Ozzie Smile




just lost a game because I was reaching for the draw button after 50 move rule... BUMP