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Something worth playing for!!!

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    I've been a member for a while now and have had lots of fun!!!I love playing in the tournaments even though I don't get a lot of trophies.However I do play a lot of games.I thought it would be really cool if Chess.Com rewarded members with a special trophy.Not everyone can win in the tournaments even though we are all winners here.But I would think it would be nice if members received a trophy after completing so many games.

    For instants I have been a member for over a year now and have completed over 2200 hundred games!!!I was excited when I got close to a 1000 then set my sights on 2500.After I reach that then I'll shoot for 5000!!!

    I'm getting close to reaching 2500 and plan on designing a photo to show off on my home page.

    It might not be a big deal to most but it keeps me playing game after game trying to reach it!!!

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    milestones....A bar of choclate would be nice

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    Too glaring, didn't read.

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    Maybe a pair of shades or a dictionary

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    The one on the left is looking over his.."i've got my eye on you"

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    YES a bar of chocolate would be nice expeacly if it came in a nice glaring package!!!

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    I eat chocolate and I read text.

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    Willy Wonkas is like that..maybe win a trip to the factory and see the umpa lumpas

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    That would be cool too!!!White chocolete verses milk chocolete chess game made the Willy Wonkas's way.Winner Eats All!!!

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    A game of chess with liquers as chess pieces and when you take a piece you have to eat it..bit of a prob if your pawn reaches the eighth like,i suppose one of those left over tree decorations would do until you've done another year at Chess.com.

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    Well, I think you deserve a trophy when you have played 2500 games, on the condition that you were nice to people and won at least 3 games out of the 2500 and not more than 2497 out of 2500.

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    I always try to be nice to people.There is a lot of good people on here and young kids too.However I do come across some that aren't very nice at all!!!Its not about winning the game but how we chose to end it.We can end it like real men,or like children who jump up and down,screaming,shouting,and crying because they lost!

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    Yes I know there are women on here too!!! I have lost a few games to them.But I didn't get mad at them,instead gave them a fun trophy.Because it is all about having fun and acting our age and not our shoe size.

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    HurricaneMichael1 wrote:
    CastedShadow wrote:

    That would be cool too!!!White chocolete verses milk chocolete chess game made the Willy Wonkas's way.Winner Eats All!!!

    I just thaught,I might just make a vote chess game with that title!! 

    Catchy title!!!I like it!Go for it!!!At least something positive will come from this posting.


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