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Tactic Trainer Timer needs to be removed

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    I'm not impressed with someone with a 1700 rating (AKA weak tactician) that is just an overgrown internet bully that feels the need to repeatedly insult others that don't agree with them. This is not a thread for you. It's in the suggestions for the site. As you don't work for the site. Piss off.


    Allow me to reiterate, since you just feel the need to follow me from thread to thread and harass me and from what I've seen anyone that has a differing opinion than yours.

    "This is the second time you trolled a post I made by confusing your opinion with facts and try to start an argument. I don't want your 'help'. Just go away."

    Is there any way to make this clearer for your 1600 - 1700 rated unbelievable brilliant mind to understand?


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