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Tactics Trainer Chart Uses Incorrect Units

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    I love the tactics trainer and use it all the time (and love this site as well - great job!) but I feel that the tactics trainer rating chart uses the incorrect units. Currently it uses "days" or "date" on the x-axis and rating on the y-axis. But this means if I do 50 problems at the beginning of the month, one problem a day for the next month, and then 50 again at the end of the month, each day is treated with the same weight. And if I don't do any problems for 6 weeks the chart shows my rating as staying the same and distorts the chart.

    Instead, I suggest using "Number of Problems Completed" on the x-axis. This would give each problem equal weight, adjust for days that I do many or no problems, and overall give a much more accurate chart. This is similar to how chess uses "moves" instead of minutes to measure the progress of a game. 

    Just my 2 cents - thanks for listening.


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    By the way, for those who don't use tactics trainer here is an example of a rating chart:

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    Let's make it happen!

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    I think this is a great idea.  More realalistically it should be an option to choise either one.  It would be nice to see either boxes or curves as well sisu.

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    Thanks for your support of this idea mike!


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