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tactics training

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    Training to handle tactical positions should not be speed orientated. When building up this skill a player should take their time. Then, when acquired, speed will naturally improve. I therefore disagree with the approach taken by the TACTICS TRAINER here.

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    yea well tactics trainer is not exactly a trainer its more like a practice-er lol

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    I like speed when dealing with tactical positions as I see chess more of a life game so when facing decisions in the real world I find my mind can look at so many possible outcomes simultaneously and come to a decision quickly so I'm in favour of the speed.

    Agree / Disagree?

  • #4

    the patterns are whats important...a glance and u know how to proceed.

  • #5

    I think that member manikcharan is quite right. TACTICS TRAINER helps you to practice existing tactical skills. It DOES also help instill new patterns and sequences. However an untimed trainer organised by specific motifs would complement this well.

  • #6

    There must be a computer program that generates the positions involved in "Tactics Training" on chess.com. How does this program works?


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