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Tagging Games

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    Do you think it would be a good idea to be able to tag the games that you have played for easy reference? Maybe different coloured tags for different things eg rook endgames, Queen sacs etc. This could maybe help with training where you want to show someone a good example of a bishop v rook endgame where one is superior over the other etc. You could easily reference one of your own games instead of trawling through hundereds of games to find the examples that you need. I know you could find examples of master games for this purpose but I think it would be a nice touch to be able to give an example of one of your own games. Also you could tag your greatest victories etc. Maybe a point of reference to look back and see how much you have improved. What do you think?

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    If i were you i would download chess base lite for free. there you can save your pgns in different files categories etc.  

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    Yeah maybe, I just thought it would be a good site feature

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    I also think that this would be great feature! Other possible uses for tags are grouping games into different openings, tournaments etc.


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