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Teams and Tournaments Suggestions

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    I wonder if Groups and Teams can play Live Chess Tournaments. The Teams can Invite the the other teams for a live tournaments. The member of the team can join the tournament and the players are automatically managed arranged. The Premium Memebers the Run and own a Team can Create a Team Tournament, open invitation or Invite Teams. They can set or starting time, name the Tournament, set the tournament systems (like swiss, round robin, etc.), set the time controls, etc.

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    Ok, so it will be implemented soon. Why is it, it didn't implemented earlier?

    Isn't that it's more fun if there is live tournaments in teams and groups? For example, the World League, that is played annually on chess.com world Teams, it is nice and exiting to play live, feel like you are playing for your country like famous kasparov, karpov, carlsen, Wesley So, etc., like you're the one who plays in the world chess championship virtually!

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    Oh, ok I didn't mean to disagree to you, i mean it is more fun if there is team live chess. :) thanks for commenting


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