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Wanna call BS on a user story.

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    Trying to get me to buy a premium account, Chess.com used this quote, attributed it to this name, with this photo.

    "Tactics Trainer and Chess Mentor really help my chess skills."



    I'd like to call BS, considering this is a picture of actor Jeremy Sumpter who played Peter Pan in the 2003 film.

    Find better stock photos if you're using fake information, but Chess.com is a good site and shouldn't need to resort to crap like that.

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    Don't be so silly.  You see that photo next to my handle?  I put it there; not chess.com.  It's not really me.

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    'Chess.com member uses a profile picture that isn't really them' shocker.

    Cool thread though bro, seriously.

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    Jeremy Sumpter plays chess here, apparently, and he's so much of a method actor that when he does so as Peter Pan.  He's been in character as Peter Pan every since they started shooting that movie in 2002 and hasn't grown up or gotten out of character since.  Don't burst his bubble, dude.

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    yeah i noticed the same thing too luke funny that they quoted his name as peter as well. but yeah i think that's jeremy sumpter and not sure if he is endorsing it or if he even knows that they are using his picture in their "user testimony" ad   

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    Are there any quotes by Jeremy Irons or even Ron Jeremy?

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    Yes! And just look what Chess.com has done for my hairline!!!

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    I would advocate membership too, but would you disregard me because my avatar is not actually me??


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    It's petty, but it is kind of strange and perhaps not ideal.

    Although since I am in a philosophical mood, I could argue, the picture is not asking you to assume that it represents who the actual person is Wink. It may suggest that, but it doesn't assert that unless the text literally says "this picture is actually of the person who said that."

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    varelse1 wrote:

    Yes! And just look what Chess.com has done for my hairline!!!


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    Need to see the entire ad word  for and not details to left out. Before one can comment on it. Othewise it is just your words to those that have not seen the entire ADVERTISING.

    Like to say the option to say Typo on Peter and and it should have been Jeremy is on the table.

    Also like to add if Chess Tacktics and Chess Mentor did not help improve a persons game we would have heard about it long before we talked about this a AD here for those 2 services with all these people on this site and how vocal they are about everything.


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