weird tactics trainer bug


each day I do 3 tactics as that is the limit for basic members. today I started by failing 1, then I passed problem 30871 , using about 20 seconds total thinking time.

Then when I pressed the button for the next tactic exactly the same one came up! I passed in 2 seconds as i already knew the solution. I have never had the same tactic appear twice in a row before.

But then when i looked on my stats page only the second time I passed the tactic appeared in the history. It only displayed 2 tactics being done today. So it let me do another tactic! which i passed.

2 screenshots:

this is the history. Notice the large rating increase(2099 to 2133) this is because I really passed it twice, although the first time doesn't show.

And this is my chart showing pass/fail % per day. Surprisingly both attempts show here, and it correctly shows me as having done 4 tactics today (although 2 were the same one)


I dont mind having the extra free rating points much but thought i'd better point this bug out.


It's not documented, but that's what I call "pity mode"  on TT.  If I miss several problems in a row, the TT starts repeating the ones I've missed.  It's actually a pretty neat training tool.  As a diamond member I usually do at least 25 a day and this is a quite common occurence.  If I'm really screwing up (not an unusual event) TT goes into what I call "dumb sh#t mode"  and feeds me the same problem several times.

Knucklehead-2, if you pay ANY attention to your customers, I am getting VERY tired of all the bugs, both in the TT and elsewhere.  Get these fixed or I'm leaving.  You are not the only chess site.  BTW, screw "In yo Facebook."